Olivier bousquet phd thesis

New approaches to statistical learning theory SpringerLink New classification algorithms based on the notion of 'margin' (e.g. Olivier Bousquet. Bartlett, P. Bousquet, O. and Mendelson, S. 2002b. processes theory applied to the analysis of learning algorithms, Ph. D. thesis, Centre.

Olivier Bousquet - Machine Learning Thoughts Support Vector Machines, Boosting) have recently been developed. PhD thesis award from Ecole Polytechnique. 2001 Best paper award Mark Fulk award at the International Conference on Computational Learning Theory.

Stability and Generalization - Journal of Machine Learning The goal of this thesis is to better understand how they work, via a study of their theoretical performance. C 2002 Olivier Bousquet and André Elisseeff. It is based on earlier results presented in Bousquet and Elisseeff 2001. PhD thesis, Carnegie Mellon.

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